We are a Puerto Rican company committed to providing the best quality patient care services. Throughout the years, our services have become a vital part of effective health treatments for the island's residents, making us the strongest pharmacy network on the island. Farmacias Plaza is the main locally-owned network of community pharmacies, and Alivia Specialty Pharmacy is the leading provider of specialty oncology products, and other specialty drugs, that offers infusion and biological drug delivery services throughout the island. Alivia Home Delivery is an innovative pharmacy that serves delivery programs of prescription drugs and OTC products. Last, Alivia Hub is the only pharmaceutical hub in Puerto Rico that implements patient management and compliance and adherence programs for specialized drugs, hand in hand with health providers.


Hari Sabnani

Hari Sabnani, CPA
CEO & President

7 - Nabila Valles.jpg

Nabila Valles, PharmD
VP, Alivia Retail Business

Verónica Núñez, Esq.jpg

Verónica Núñez, Esq
Chief Compliance Officer


Reinaldo Hernández
Director, Pharma & Trade Relations

3 - Rebecca Sabnani.jpg

Rebecca Sabnani
Senior Vice President of Managed Care Services

Delica Amadeo

Delica Amadeo, CPA
VP, Finance & Group Controller

6 - Yvonne McBurney.jpg

Yvonne McBurney
SVP, Alivia Specialty Business

Viviana Vilanova.jpg

Viviana Vilanova
VP, Human Resources

8 - Naomi Hernandez.jpg

Naomi Hernandez, R.Ph
Director, Specialty Pharmacy

10 - Iliana Garcia.jpg

Iliana Garcia, PharmD Director, Alivia Infusion Services

13 - Brenda Torres.jpg

Brenda Torres, R.Ph
Director, Specialty Clinical Programs


Karla Falcón
Director, Pharmaceutical Services

Daniel Guevara.jpg

Daniel Guevara
Director, ITS





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