Learn about our practices and privacy policies in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We always abide by best practices in compliance with HIPAA and all applicable laws.



Our Commitment to Medical Information:

Alivia Health LLC will use or disclose protected health information to provide treatment, obtain payment for treatment, for administrative purposes and to evaluate the quality of care received. The protected health information for each patient is part of your medical record which is in turn under the control and physical property of the organization. However, the information in the record is your property and belongs exclusively to each patient.


The protected health information is information that the organization creates or obtains by providing their services. This information may include documentation of symptoms, examinations, test results, diagnoses, treatments or requests for care or treatment. It also includes all documentation related to the billing of services rendered.


We understand that the medical information concerning our patients is confidential and personal, so we are committed to protecting this information. Our office creates a file on the service that the patient receives. We need this record to provide patients with quality care while complying with all legal requirements. This notification applies to all patient records generated in the office. The notification informs patients about different ways in which we may use and disclose medical information. It also describes the patient’s rights and the obligations that the office has regarding to the use and disclosure of health information.


By law, there is an obligation to secure patient health information and to keep it private. We must also offer the patient a notification of our legal responsibilities and privacy policies with respect to their health information. We will follow these regulations at all times, according to the requirements of the patient’s notification.


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