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Learn about the Hemophilia Program

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Hemophilia Program Components:

Specialized Case Coordinators

  • Provide highly-trained and Registered Nurses (RN) for home visits to administer infusions and/or monthly clinical assessments.

  • Manage your treatment agenda (medical appointments, referrals, laboratories, immunizations, etc.); as well as coordinate appointments with all healthcare professionals interacting with the patient for regular or follow up visits.

Patient Advocacy

  • Financial aid coordination for direct and/or indirect expenses related to your health condition.

  • Benefits coordination with your medical plan (evaluate health insurance coverage).

Registered Nurses (RN)

  • Monthly clinical assessment identifying possible treatment gaps.

  • Monthly on-site patient/caregiver education.

  • Monthly factor inventory review.

  • Monthly follow-up of weight management program, monitoring changes in BMI.

  • Administer therapy depending on patients’ ability to take medication on their own.


  • Carry out a nutritional assessment for all patients who enter the program.

  • Design an individualized nutritional and exercise plan when needed.

  • Upon referral from home infusion nurse (RN), update nutritional and exercise plan.

Clinical Pharmacists

  • Ensure close to dose mix and product availability.

  • Clinical oversight and adherence monitoring post dispensing.

  • Evaluate possible drug interactions upon changes in prescription.

Specialty Pharmacy Coordinators

  • Monthly meetings with primary physicians and specialists to share patient status.

  • Identify health plan/physician/patient requirements, incorporating Specialized Disease Management Programs.

Clinical Research in Puerto Rico

  • For qualifying patients, open protocols are available for: Hemophilia, Cholesterol, Hypertension, Asthma, HIV, Cancer, Vaccines, Hepatitis, Diabetes, among others.

Program Objectives

  • To provide a range of integrated support services targeted at patient care coordination, assay/drug administration, education, and disease management.

  • Incorporation of all areas of patient care in an interdisciplinary approach.

  • Improve condition management.

  • Improve treatment adherence and clinical outcomes.

  • For qualifying patients, we coordinate financial aid, and participation in clinical studies.

Quality guarantee

  • To guarantee your safety when taking your medication

  • To prevent adverse health effects through patient safety protocols

  • To improve clinical results

  • To avoid the abuse and/or underuse of medicines

How does it work?

  • We are a facilitating entity and support agent in the coordination of medical services, such as: medical appointments, laboratories, immunizations, etc.

  • We help you obtain financial aid, if you qualify.

  • Our graduated nurses provide monthly visits, giving patients’ a clinical assessment and medical recommendations.

  • As an added service, we carry out an annual nutritional evaluation and generate an individualized weight management and exercise plan by a certified doctor in nutrition.

  • We carry out continuous pharmaceutical reviews to prevent interactions between medicines.

  • We send promotional and/or educational material on new products, well-being programs, as well as any relevant information concerning health condition management.

  • We coordinate medical benefits for patients with complementary medical insurance.

  • Participation in clinical studies for qualifying patients.

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