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Alivia SP becomes the only specialty pharmacy in Puerto Rico to achieve ACHC distinction in Oncology

The Puerto Rican company Alivia Specialty Pharmacy (Alivia SP) received the Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation with Distinction in Oncology from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, becoming the only specialty pharmacy in Puerto Rico to hold the esteemed distinction. The recognition is granted to organizations that meet the highest quality standards and contribute to improving the efficiency and quality of treatments for cancer patients.

The ACHC accreditation is a process through which healthcare organizations demonstrate compliance with national standards. Since 2016, the organization has awarded the distinction in Oncology to specialty pharmacies committed to ensuring cancer patients receive oral cancer medications and complementary oral therapies in a safe, reliable, accessible, and affordable environment that integrates with their overall plan of care.

"As the leading supplier of specialty oncology products in Puerto Rico, we are honored to receive this distinction, which serves as another example of our specialty pharmacy's commitment to providing quality service to our communities. As a Puerto Rican company, our mission is founded on always putting our patients first and we accept this distinction in Oncology patient management with humility, responsibility and enthusiasm. The distinction further motivates us to continue supporting our community, doctors and business partners with the highest standards possible," said Hari Sabnani, President and CEO of Alivia Health, the pharmacy network to which Alivia SP belongs.

Alivia SP promotes greater access to treatment

Aware of the challenges of access to health, Alivia SP is the only specialty pharmacy in Puerto Rico to accept all medical plans. With 25 years of experience, the company reinforces its commitment to the quality of life and health on the island.

"Accepting all medical plans in Puerto Rico allows us to provide better access to treatment to thousands of patients who depend on our services. Aware of the importance of the services we offer to people with chronic conditions, expanding access to medicines is one of our biggest priorities," added Natacha Suárez Carlo, VP of Alivia SP.

What is a specialty pharmacy?

A specialty pharmacy offers additional services to patients with chronic diseases and complex medical conditions. In the case of Alivia SP, these services include managing all administrative aspects related to the health plan, providing education on conditions and treatments, aiding in providing financial assistance programs to eligible patients, and ensuring patient treatments proceed as expected through follow ups.

"We have more than 170 healthcare professionals who know firsthand how important our services are for people who have been diagnosed with a chronic condition. In addition to technical knowledge, our Alivia Force (Alivia employees) work with empathy and humanity to provide the service our communities deserve," said Suárez Carlo.

In addition to these services, Alivia SP provides clinical programs aimed at offering more personalized service, working hand in hand with non-profit organizations that work with populations served by the pharmacy. For example, their Blood Disorder Management Program aims to educate, raise awareness and support the population suffering from hemophilia and other blood conditions. Additionally, through their Multiple Sclerosis Management Program, a multidisciplinary team provides clinical follow-ups, education and patient assistance.

The leading company among specialty pharmacies

According to syndicated studies, Alivia SP is the leading service company among specialty pharmacies. For more than two decades, it has positioned itself as a benchmark in specialty pharmacy services for patients who receive cancer treatments.

Annually, the specialty pharmacy serves an average of 16,600 patients and in 2021 alone, dispensed more than 144,700 prescriptions across the island. Among the main conditions that the company provides services for are: cancer, hemophilia, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, inflammatory diseases, among others.

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