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The importance of staying by our patients' side during their health journey

Receiving a chronic condition diagnosis is undoubtedly a time of great uncertainty that can change someone's life in a matter of seconds. Doubts, fear, and anguish can overcome the patient.

While it is vital to have medical providers who can transmit tranquility and comfort at the time of diagnosis, the specialty pharmacy team will also have the role of accompanying that person during their lifelong chronic illness journey. This responsibility shouldn't be taken lightly.

A specialty pharmacy offers additional services to patients with chronic diseases and complex medical conditions such as cancer, hemophilia, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's, osteoporosis, and migraine. These services include managing all administrative aspects of the health plan, educating about conditions and treatments, checking for eligible financial assistance programs, and following up to ensure treatment proceeds as expected.

However, their work must go further because the commitment must be to contribute to providing better access to medicines. In addition, agility in processing and dispatching treatment is equally valuable. Therefore it must be guided by a philosophy where the patient always comes first.

Our patients are not numbers; they are people who need our support beyond processing their prescriptions. Our community has specialty pharmacies to assist them, educate them about their conditions, stay up-to-date on their treatment, connect them with information about financial assistance programs, and more.

The Alivia Force is always by your side

At Alivia Specialty Pharmacy (Alivia SP), we proudly state that we are an extended team of medical providers and specialists caring for patients with chronic conditions.

Our Alivia Force — composed of more than 170 health professionals— has an absolute commitment to accompany patients during diagnosis and treatment. All while offering excellent service at all times.

We are the only specialty pharmacy in Puerto Rico that accepts all medical plans. This helps us provide BETTER ACCESS to medicines for the communities we serve. In addition, we are the first Puerto Rican specialty pharmacy to have URAC and ACHC accreditations. This distinction reflects our dedication and commitment to meeting standards that facilitate higher performance and patient care.

We focus on complex cases like the medical specialist community, but our work goes beyond dispensing medications. The Alivia Force offers:

Our pharmacy's mission is always to put our patients first. We count on physicians and their teams to be the allies that contribute to improving the quality of life of our people. The Alivia Force is always by your side.

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